Fleeting Impressions

ripples in water

each blindly affects the next

so we must take care

I scribbled this down on the back of a train ticket last night while waiting at the station to get the train home. I love people watching, and it’s amazing to see the effect strangers have on each other without even realising.

I’m really conscious of what people think of me, even strangers, which I’ve always considered a weakness, but it actually makes me make an effort to create a positive impression, so last night after watching the comings and goings of fellow train travellers, I went and bought a coffee and had a proper chat with the guy at the coffee stand. Found out he’s a fellow theatre-goer, and we recommended some places and plays to each other.

We must all take care that the impression we leave on others, however fleeting, is a positive one.


An Ode to Bugs

Bathroom silverfish

I tiptoe so I don’t squish

I hope they’re grateful

I’ve been doing lots of DIY over the summer, and keep finding new and wonderful bugs in odd places around the house. I feel bad for disturbing them. I was never allowed (!) to be scared of spiders or other bugs when I was growing up, and am now a glass-and-cardboard kinda girl. It takes longer to do any job when I’m constantly saving the lives of garden creatures. Sometimes I even just stop what I’m doing if the weather’s really nasty and I don’t want to put them outside in it. Sigh.

Irish Travels

This summer after some romantic drama I took off for a few days with some close friends for a whistlestop tour of Ireland. The plan was Glasgow-Dublin-Galway-Limerick-Cork-Dublin-Glasgow. We used public transport rather than car hire so that we could get a proper taste for the local ales, and I have to say, mission accomplished.

Having been living alone for quite some time, I was worried about being in close quarters with two other people even just for a week, but actually I really enjoyed it. I definitely suffered from the holiday blues once I got home!

A number of things made me fall in love with each city and there are places I’ll definitely return to. Ireland in general impressed me though, with its legendary friendliness in the face of a terrible recession, free wifi EVERYWHERE, and amazing, well-priced public transport. And the ale. Aaaahh, Guinness.


Ireland in summer

peace inside cathedral grounds

noise everywhere else



much needed escape-

on holiday, miss someone

don’t want to go home


lights, traffic, chatter

a city through tourist’s eyes

is most beautiful


searching for inspiration

For the last few days, I’ve been totally lacking in inspiration. I’ve been busy with a few different things that all require my full attention, so my dreamy creative side has had to be suppressed. I only started writing again recently, and I was worried that within just a few days I’d lost the ability as life got in the way.

So tonight after work I went for a long walk by the river – and words just spilled out of me. Sometimes living alone in a small coastal town really isn’t so bad after all.


cool summer evening

herons wading, catching fish

waves lap at the shore


fading summer light

evening comes, alone at last

I rest in darkness


sunset fades to blue

moonlight dances on water

cool breeze gives relief