Exquisite Pain

Today does not feel like a haiku-ing kind of day, but there are things I want to say nonetheless.

The pictures below were taken today near my house, where the trees are really starting to shed their leaves. I live in a quiet area, and it’s a delight jst now to go for a walk round the block.

I realised that it’s now mid-October, yet the calm, mild weather is still holding.

16 years ago tomorrow, I lost a parent. I remember everything about that day, especially how dark it was when I finished school and how I got soaked waiting for someone to come and pick me up. I remember the rain dripping off my hair as I stepped through the front door of my house and was faced with all these people – you know, those family members that you only see during times of crisis – or weddings.

I remember how cold it was for months afterwards – biting winds and slate-grey skies. In reality it probably wasn’t much different to how it is just now, but the hazy sunshine, blue skies and burning autumnal colour passed me by that year.

I felt the same way last year, when that most precious of experiences, the Promising Relationship, ended. Not that I’m comparing getting dumped to a death in the family, but it’s still a loss. I don’t remember autumn last year either, which is a shame as it really is my favourite season.

I think part of me likes a bit of melancholy, and there’s something infinitely sad about nature’s last beautiful burst before winter. I’ve heard love described as an exquisite pain (or something), and I sort of think the same about autumn – the end is crushingly near. Inside me there will always be a hurt and confused 11 year old who understands nothing about the harshness of the world, but is about to learn fast.



Irish Travels

This summer after some romantic drama I took off for a few days with some close friends for a whistlestop tour of Ireland. The plan was Glasgow-Dublin-Galway-Limerick-Cork-Dublin-Glasgow. We used public transport rather than car hire so that we could get a proper taste for the local ales, and I have to say, mission accomplished.

Having been living alone for quite some time, I was worried about being in close quarters with two other people even just for a week, but actually I really enjoyed it. I definitely suffered from the holiday blues once I got home!

A number of things made me fall in love with each city and there are places I’ll definitely return to. Ireland in general impressed me though, with its legendary friendliness in the face of a terrible recession, free wifi EVERYWHERE, and amazing, well-priced public transport. And the ale. Aaaahh, Guinness.


Ireland in summer

peace inside cathedral grounds

noise everywhere else



much needed escape-

on holiday, miss someone

don’t want to go home


lights, traffic, chatter

a city through tourist’s eyes

is most beautiful


Haiku Challenge

This is day 1 of a year-long challenge to rediscover my creative side. Every day, I’ll write a haiku about anything that catches my attention or emotion and inspires me. They won’t be in traditional Japanese style, because of the difference between ‘on’ and ‘syllable’, which, hoestly, I’ll never master, but I’ll try to stick to traditional themes.
Haikus appeal to me because not only do I love poetry, but I love being concise. I have a tendency to ramble, something which haikus don’t permit. Neither does law school.

A lot has happened in my life over the last year and there’s lots more in store, so I want to prevent getting bogged down in information overload and keep in mind the things that are important.