Constructing the Dissertation

The Dissertation:

(or, maybe, magnum opus)

A year’s – a life’s? – work

All my fears about my honours year dissertation in one handy haiku. I have been writing about the international law on rape during war, and what improvements can be made, since around July last year when I picked the topic. Some of the research was harrowing, but necessary. I am extremely proud of the work I’ve put in but I naturally feel that I could have done more. Fingers crossed now for a First! Lol.



So, 3 whole months since I last created and posted anything. During that time I’ve been:

busy, hopeful, sad,

heartbroken, lonely, nervous,

proud, happy, tired

That’s as much as I can manage for now. Poetry involves expressing feelings and emotions that it’s often difficult to allow to happen.

It’s still autumn? Ok, one more then

fiery sunset

train rumbles towards darkness

blue skies left behind


The sunset today was incredible, but the train was so full of people and yet so quiet that I couldn’t use my phone to get a pic of it for fear of being seen acting really weird (my phone takes the loudest pictures). You’d think I’d be ok with being branded as a bit strange after a whole lifetime of strangeness, but some days I’d rather just blend.

After a Long Break

the search for the muse

can lead to unknown places

or bring you back home


you remain silent,

so longed-for answers must wait

maybe forever


Just about every word of this post has at least a double meaning. Inspiration has finally struck. I generally don’t like to refer to an anonymous “you” in anything I write, but in this case I think it’s appropriate. “You” know who “you” are.


Lies we tell ourselves

stem from what others tell us,

but they’re not to blame

For a long time now I’ve been thinking that certain people I know are totally narcissistic. But actually I think everybody is – a bit. We all have the frightening ability to see and hear what we wish to see and hear, or at least whichever version of reality that absolves us of all blame or responsibility. I can’t make peace with a situation until I can place myself in it completely honestly, and either accept the blame or realise I’m not to blame. This isn’t easy or even always possible though.

Narcissus could only see himself. Narcissistic people can only see others through their own reflection. I think it’s important to be able to slip out of your own skin and flip a situation on its head. Unfortunately some people aren’t able to do that at all, but we should all try.