It’s still autumn? Ok, one more then

fiery sunset

train rumbles towards darkness

blue skies left behind


The sunset today was incredible, but the train was so full of people and yet so quiet that I couldn’t use my phone to get a pic of it for fear of being seen acting really weird (my phone takes the loudest pictures). You’d think I’d be ok with being branded as a bit strange after a whole lifetime of strangeness, but some days I’d rather just blend.


autumn ongoing

fallen autumn leaves

give daylight an amber hue-

illusion of warmth


Apologies for massive picture. This is the view from one of my windows – autumn has kicked in in full now and Scotland is a great place to be. I shall be taking a small road trip next week to Pitlochry, where the autumn scenery is even more incredible.

Scotland in September

bright sun then shadow,

rain clouds threatening overhead –

autumn setting in


Here’s a little known fact – it has rained every day in September in Scotland so far. Today looks like it will not be an exception, Last night I dreamt that next year’s spring bulbs were already starting to bloom because of the wet weather. I’m also fairly sure my feet are becoming webbed. But autumn is still my favourite season by far.